SIST Encrypted Communication 

What is "SIST Encrypted Communication"

Encrypted, aka Secured, communication SIST represents a mutual combination and connection of a software part, so called application, with a hardware part, i.e. servers. The goal is the protection of the communication from eavesdropping and surveillance that can be a cause of the information abuse. The encrypted communication is realized in a private secured network. SIST can run on smart phone, tablet, notebook, desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux Ubuntu) and other (according to the customer's specific requests).

SIST Encrypted Communication contains: 

  • Encrypted voice transfer
  • Encrypted text message transfer
  • Encrypted video-conference transfer
  • Encrypted data transmission (contracts, documents, research data, musician record, movie records, pictures etc.)
  • Encrypted Internet
  • Encrypted e-mail service
  • Encrypted fax

Why to use SIST Encrypted Communication

Encrypted/secured communication is used by all the people, who work with sensitive, confidential and top secret data. Encrypted communication allows a carefree data transfer between individual secured units (phone, tablet, notebook, desktop etc.).

Encrypted communication does not allow third party to record and to surveillance the communication in progress; data are not threatened and cannot be stolen and abused.

Encrypted communication allows a connecting to all channels all around the world without any concern about a loss of information caused by the eavesdropping on your communication.

Who is SIST designed for

Encrypted communication is designed for big companies, small companies and also for individuals. The main application is suitable for following areas - industry, science, research and development, army, public administration, health care, insurance industry, banking, civil engineering, security and police sector, firemen, architects, diplomats etc.

Advantages of SIST

  1. Security 

  • The maximization of security's communication is done by several levels' encryption.
  • In some cases you can combine various technologies and create unbreakable protection by their layering.

  2. Easy administration

  • There are only basic settings in the administration for a high protection. The possibility of a security leak occurrence is eliminated by this action.

  3. User friendly

  • SIST is very easy and well-arranged designed.

  4. Does not interfere the work with the equipment

  • SIST is running in the background so the user's work using an encrypted data transfer, Internet, e-mail etc. is not disrupted by anything.

  5. Wide portfolio of supported devices

  • Smart Phones
  • Desktop Phones
  • Tablets
  • Notebooks
  • Desktop (PC)
  • Faxes

  6. Assisted installation

  • We guarantee the correct and a problem-free install and settings of SIST on your device by our assisted installation.
  • It provides a maximum comfort and you do not need to take care of technical tasks.
  • Our technicians will go to you and they will set everything up.

  7. Employee training

  • In case that the SIST application will be administrated by you, we will train employees responsible for the SIST application administration.

  8. Autonomy

  • SIST is not subject of compulsory publishing of its code or its functionality (as it is a common practice when applications are recorded in various Internet stores). Thanks to this it is impossible to detect the functionality and the method of the encryption of the SIST.

  9. Independence

  • SIST exploits a capacity of big servers, but SIST is independent on third parties technologies.

10. BlackBox

  • BlackBox is an encrypting private branch exchange (PBX) installed at the customer.

11. Red Phone

  • Red Phone is a SIST application installed device destined solely for the SIST application use.

Where SIST works?


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